Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Blog Awards

A big THANK YOU to our readers who have been so sweet to give us these special awards.
You are amazing and are the reason we love to blog.


We love ya.

So sweet of you Sarah!
Merci Victoria!

Gracias Jan!

Thank you bunches Anna!

Just the Facts, Ma'am
We were tagged by Anna with an Honest Scrap Award recently. We know you are on the edge of your seats waiting for our 10 honest facts! So here they are:

10 things about me. . .


~I never have enough hours in the day.

~I love the smell of rain and fresh laundry.

~My greatest joys in life are my wonderful husband Darren, and my two adorable children. . .Mckenna 2 years and Carter 7 months.

~I love to be outside, especially in my gardens.

~I probably have a "life is good" shirt for every day of the week. . . . . maybe not the most stylish but they just make me Happy.

~I love to play games. . .either on the soccer field or around the game table. . . . BRING IT ON!! :)

~I love to listen to music, children's laughter,the wind in the trees, birds singing, and a good thunderstorm.

~I am horrible with numbers. . . I can't tell you the price of anything or what I paid for it.

~My favorite foods are steak and potatoes, sweet iced-tea, tomatoes just picked from the vine, strawberries, and a BIG glass of chocolate milk (yes, Chas, chocolate is so much better)

~I don't think there are many things that are more beautiful than a sunset. . . it just makes me think that God has painted another beautiful picture for us all to enjoy every time I see one.


1. I come from a long generation of tree climbers (not to be confused with tree huggers, though I am an avid gardener and conservationist), my mom, grandma and great-grandma were all tree climbers. I spent many a childhood hour up in a tall Maple in my grandma's front yard.

2. I am a salt-aholic. I salt my pizza. Yes, I said pizza. Now, I like my sugar too, mostly because the salty-sweet cycle wouldn't be complete without it, but if I ever end up with high blood pressure, just go ahead and shoot me.

3. I am pro-life.

4. I would rather be alone with my husband on a mountain top forest in Wyoming than anywhere else I have thus far visited on earth.

5. I love a good, clean romantic movie and HATE the television. With the exception of 24. (sheepish grin)

6. Paper Dolls by the Mills Brothers is one of my all time favorite songs. (another of Grandma's favorites)

7. When I was a little girl I had the most girlie of all ambitions for when I grew up...are you ready for this one....drum roll please....I wanted to be a truck driver. What can I say, I saw the movie Convoy, and I sure loved that CB!!! I am over that one now....really...but I do like to say 10-4!

8. I never, ever, ever want to deep sea dive or be in a submarine. Not a huge concern here in good ol' Missouri! Whew, I got the willies just thinking about it!!

9. I hate shopping malls. Give me an auction, thrift store or flea market any day.

10. Reading outloud to my family is one of my most favorite things in life. The night before our oldest got married, her one request is that I would read to the whole family one more time. Oh yes, you bet I cried...


1. Before becoming a stay-at-home mommy, I worked as a gardener at a botanical garden.

2. I love thunderstorms and would like to see a tornado if I could be guaranteed safety.

3. My childhood dream of owning a horse still lingers to this day.

4. I hate country music but I love Bluegrass....most people don't get this one.

5. I had my first date with my husband when I was 15 years old.

6. I attempt to play the fiddle {not well, but it's fun anyway}

7. I wanted to be Jeannie when I was a kid {you know, I Dream of Jeannie}

8. In kindergarten, my best friend's name was Sugar and we had matching doggie-in-a-doghouse necklaces.

9. I dream of singing at the Grand Ole Opry with someone wonderfully Ricky Skaggs.

10. My best vacation ever was to Maine and I spent a lot of the time by myself....what is that saying?!

We hope you enjoyed our lists. It was great fun to make them. Thanks Anna.

Have a beautiful weekend everybody.Love,the wild raspberry sisters